Lionell Guzman
graphic & motion designer

Lionell Guzman
Freelance graphic & motion designer

Client Projects:
Psych Blues Film
Big Cartel
Brain Dings
Victoria HK
Chez Boris
The Moving Co
Stop DWI

Personal Projects:
Drawings Vol 1

Chez Boris is a full-service creative studio based in Paris. They hire me periodically to edit and animate.

For this first project I created a short looping animation for their socials. The goal here was to just simply thank their clients for a great year and show their appreciation.

Since I had some artistic freedom on this project I decided to get off the computer for a change and do some hand drawn frame-by-frame for part of the animation.

Animation & Illustration: Lionell Guzman
Art Direction: Jake Lafolley

For this second project I edited and animated a video that showcased a website they designed and developed for their client.

My focus here was to keep the editing at a smooth medium pace. Great opportunity here to show various screen compositing.

Animation, Editing: Lionell Guzman
Design, Art Direction: Jake Lafolley, Rachel Dare

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