Lionell Guzman
Freelance Graphic
& Motion Designer

Lionell Guzman
Freelance graphic & motion designer

Client Projects:
Psych Blues Film
Big Cartel
Brain Dings
Victoria HK
Chez Boris
The Moving Co
Stop DWI

Personal Projects:
Drawings Vol 1

Psych Blues Film is an experimental film company. Each roll is hand-fogged and manipulated with care and expertise. Made in Los Angeles, CA.

Design, Branding: Lionell Guzman
Animation: Lionell Guzman
Art Direction: Dustin Adams


Our goal here was to reach a very niche demographic of film camera lovers and overall creatives who gravitate towards an analog dreamscape aestheic. Each film roll number has it’s own unique overlay effect. I created visuals based on these natural effects and paired it with an iconographic style to reach a contrasting look between the two design elements.

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