Lionell Guzman
Motion Design & Illustration

Lionell Guzman
freelance graphic/motion designer

Client Projects:
Psych Blues Film
Big Cartel
Brain Dings
Victoria HK
Chez Boris
The Moving Co
Stop DWI

Personal Projects:
Drawings Vol 1

Brain Dings is a CBD company. All-natural, all-purpose, phytocannabinoid-rich CBD oils.

I was hired to work on the packaging design and character design for one of their products. (Jelly Squares) As well as design and animate a few shorts for general use. 

Design: Lionell Guzman
Animation: Lionell Guzman
Art Direction: Nam Nguyen


For the characers I went with a PS1 3D style aesthetic. I wanted to keep them approchable and playful to stay on brand. The liveliness of the visuals lead me to keep the packaging design itself pretty simple and neat. 

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