Lionell Guzman
Motion Designer (+ design / illustration), @lionells_instgram

Motion Reel

All illustration, animating and editing by me. Please enjoy the chaos.

Psych Blues Film
design / motion

Little animation using client’s logomark for marketing purposes.

illustration / motion

Short motion graphic about DRE’s(Drug Recongnition Experts) based in NY state.
New Sanctuary Coalition
design / motion / video editing

Drawing from the testimony of our undocumented friends, this short video explains why it is urgent to  repeal the Clinton Era Banishment Laws passed in the 1990s. Our immigration laws need to change. This video was produced in collaboration by the New Sanctuary Coalition Testimony Group and the NYU Sanctuary Coalition.  

motion / illustration

A series of animated GIFs compiled to one video. Stop motion. Made with real clay. Collaboration with Miriam Abrahams.